This web site was created to
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 Barry Le Roy Doolittle 

Barry is deaf - TEXT ONLY to:
(63) 919-308-2934

A Legal Immigrant
Permanent Resident of the Philippines.

Barry Le Roy Doolittle is located at
The Bureau of Immigration Detention Center,
Camp Bagong Diwa, Bicutan,
Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

TO: All people of the world
DATE: July 30, 2010 7:20 PM Philippine Time
SUBJECT: Barry Le Roy Doolittle has been  arbitrarily detained  in the Philippine Bureau of Immigration Detention Center since April 4, 2008.

We pray this site will serve three (3) needs;
  1. When Barry Le Roy Doolittle is killed by the henchmen of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo while in the Philippine Bureau of Immigration Detention Center (to elimanate evidence of her crimes and those of her régime) then responsible people will have some insight into the history of the event.
  2. Someone may use Barry Le Roy Doolittle's situation to stop these terrible things from continually happening to other aliens while in the Philippines. Any person knowing about the Philippine Immigration's ability to ignore laws would have to seriously consider the situation before coming to our wonderful country. That knowledge harms us all. We must emphasize the need to follow the rule of law rather than pursue convictions at the cost of due process.
  3. Some soul will be called to the mission of releasing Barry Le Roy Doolittle from the Philippine Bureau of Immigration Detention Center.

Barry Le Roy Doolittle's life mission became directed to helping young people of the Philippines when he arrived here in 1987. He came from a poor rural farm life in South Dakota, USA. By God's Grace he has lead a successful life. Early in his life he determined to pass on as much of his experience and knowledge as he could to the Philippine people. Where he is today has a logical motive but the actions by the Philippine government are not logical from any moral or legal standpoint.

The Bureau of Immigration has members that have little sense of right or wrong, only a concern for getting caught or not getting caught. In disregard of the Philippine 1987 Constitution and repeated decisions of the Philippine Supreme Court the Philippine Bureau of Immigration Commissioner Marcelino Libanan, Philippine Bureau of Immigration Associate Commissioner Roy Almoro, Philippine Bureau of Immigration Associate Commissioner Enrique B. Galang, Jr., and Philippine Bureau of Immigration Law Enforcement Division Wilfredo "Willy" V. Poquez. have committed an act of arbitrarily detention. This act is so totally against civilized societies' understanding of moral human rights that every civilized nation has prohibited it by law throughout history. It is an act expected of criminals, such as kidnappers and terrorists, but not of government officials.

Arbitrary arrest and arbitrary detention are the arrest and/or detention of an individual in a case in which there is no likelihood or evidence that they committed a crime against legal statute, or in which there has been no proper due process of law. Arbitrarily depriving an individual of their liberty is strictly prohibited by the United Nations' division for human rights. Article 55 of the 2002 Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court declares such a practice by government a major crime. Article 9 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights decrees that "no one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile"; that is, no individual, regardless of circumstances, is to be deprived of their liberty or exiled from their country without having first committed an actual criminal offense against a legal statute, and the government cannot deprive an individual of their liberty without proper due process of law.    Link to 

Such an act violates the due process clause of the Philippine Constitution. It has long been settled that the "due process clause" and the "search and seizure clause" apply to an alien legally admitted into the country.

Barry Le Roy Doolittle was arrested on the strength of a mission order issued by Immigration Commissioner Marcelino Libanan  (Libanan's bio)  on April 4, 2008 and detained in the Bureau of Immigration Detention Center  Google Map  that evening. There was no final order of deportation, on April 4, 2008, for the purpose of deportation for Barry Le Roy Doolittle. Still, as of today, and to the best of his knowledge there is no Final Order of Deportation for Barry Le Roy Doolittle as there has been no hearing.

The Supreme Court of the Philippines meeting en banc spelled out doctrinal guidelines:
  1. Under Article III, Section 2, of the 1987 Philippine Constitution, it is only the judges, and no other, who may issue warrants of arrest and search.
  2. The exception is in case of deportation of illegal and undesirable aliens, whom the Philippine President or the Philippine Commissioner of Immigration may order arrested, following a final order of deportation, for the purpose of deportation.
Refer to:  Salazar v. Achacoso .

Case after case, the Supreme Court of the Philippines has repeatedly held that without a final order of deportation, the Philippine Commissioner of Immigration has no power to issue a warrant of arrest against an alien.

Barry Le Roy Doolittle has been unable to secure a hearing with the Philippine Bureau of Immigration for over twenty-four (24) months (2 years). Barry Le Roy Doolittle has been detained in the Philippine Bureau of Immigration Detention Center since April 4, 2008.  Commitment Order    Barry Le Roy Doolittle's repeated attempts to contact the Bureau of Immigration and any of its staff remain unanswered. Barry Le Roy Doolittle understands that the process of "administrative proceedings" with an Immigrant Permanent Resident are not to be adversarial in nature. He has been willing to cooperate with any legal needs of the Philippine government and its officers and employees.

The Supreme Court of the Philippines also en banc reiterated that "A warrant of arrest issued by the Commissioner of Immigration, to be valid, must be for the sole purpose of executing a final order of deportation. A warrant of arrest issued by the Commissioner of immigration for purposes of investigation only is null and void for being unconstitutional."  Gatchalian v. Hon. De la Rosa

Barry Le Roy Doolittle states: "I am a legal Permanent Resident Immigrant of the Philippines, 62 years old, deaf, disabled, retired teacher that was born in the United States of America on 12/09/1947. I have never committed a crime.  Certification from PNP and   Certification of NBI  I left the United States of America and moved to the Philippines because of my love for helping the Philippine people."

Barry Le Roy Doolittle first came to the Republic of the Philippines in 1987 with a 9(a) visa. During 1996 through 1998 he taught at AMA Computer Learning Center (ACLC). In December 1996 his wife, Annabelle C. Doolittle and he made application to BID for him to become a Permanent Resident of the Philippines by way of a 13(a) visa. In February 1997 Barry Le Roy Doolittle was granted Permanent Residency with one-year probationary period.  Certification of ACR and ICR  Barry Le Roy Doolittle was issued Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) number E119318.   Alien Certificate Registration ACR  On March 20, 1998 the probation was removed and Barry Le Roy Doolittle was issued permanent Immigrant Certificate of Residence (ICR) number 324779.  Immigrant Certificate of Residence (ICR) 

From 1999, until Barry Le Roy Doolittle was detained, on April 4, 2008, He instructed many students online and in person for Internet web site development using HTML for free (no cost training). Barry Le Roy Doolittle not only provided free training but also provided travel money and food if the students needed it. Barry Le Roy Doolittle provided low cost computers to students with special needs at his personal expense. He coordinated with many independently owned Internet website businesses. This provided his students with experience in the creation of Internet websites for real businesses. One such business was  "Barya Lang Web Page Design" then owned by Visitacion Bayani Doolittle the person that filed the complaint against Barry Le Roy Doolittle
 Link Permit       Link Barya Lang  .

That business was registered with DTI, BIR, and the San Mateo Business Permits & Licensing Office by Visitacion Bayani Doolittle. Visitacion Bayani Doolittle knowingly and with malice reported Barry Le Roy Doolittle as a tourist to the Philippine Bureau of Immigration and Deportation (BID) even though she had been handling his Permanent Resident papers for years.

A woman became very angry with Barry Le Roy Doolittle when he refused to register, by birth certificate, an unregistered daughter of the woman's niece (the niece had killed herself by drinking acid) in 2007. This false registration would have been unlawful by Philippine law as well as by USA law. Her motive was the extra money she wanted to get from the USA Social Security Administration every month.

Barry Le Roy Doolittle was arrested and detained on April 4, 2008 at about 9:00 AM for "administrative proceedings"  Link   after the complaint was filed with BID.

The complaint was of Barry Le Roy Doolittle being an overstaying alien and abandonment. After the Preliminary Investigation by Special Prosecutor Attorney Jose Z. Carlitos engaging in gainful activities was added to the charges. Barry Le Roy Doolittle has never had a hearing to defend himself of these accusations.   Link  

On April 15, 2008, an Order was issue to place Barry Le Roy Doolittle's name on the " Watch List ". Barry Le Roy Doolittle has a great willingness to correct any rule violations with BID. The Bureau of Immigration has never explained what he needs to do to make things right. Barry Le Roy Doolittle has made many attempts to communicate with the Bureau of Immigration to no avail.

The Supreme Court of the Philippines, also en banc, declared: No warrant of arrest can be issued by Immigration authorities before a final order of deportation is made. For until it is established that an alien lawfully admitted gained entry into the country through illegal means and the expulsion is finally decreed, his arrest cannot be ordered.  Neria v. Vivo .

Thus, the arrest and detention of Barry Le Roy Doolittle is a violation of the bill of Rights of the Philippines and of repeated doctrines laid down by the Supreme Court of the Philippines. Is Barry Le Roy Doolittle being detained indefinitely in BID Bicutan Detention Center on the mere say-so of the Immigration Commissioner, Marcelino C. Libanan, without any final order of deportation, without any hearing, without knowing what his offence is or when his detention will end?

There are many foreigners now languishing for years in that detention center of the Philippine Bureau of Immigration and Deportation (BID) without any conviction for any crime or any final order of deportation. Does the Commissioner of Immigration, Marcelino C. Libanan and his associates and employees have some other personal considerations in mind?

WRITTEN REPLIES BY THE GOVERNMENT OF THE PHILIPPINES CONCERNING THE LIST OF ISSUES...UNITED NATIONS - Tenth session, 20 April - 1 May 2009. The Philippine government stated: The Immigration Commissioner cannot be allowed to circumvent the law by the mere expediency of re-naming the order of arrest as a simple "mission order" for the purpose of bringing a subject foreigner to the immigration authorities for preliminary investigation. It had also been consistently ruled by the Supreme Court, i.e., Court of Appeals, that a mission order under the guise of a warrant of arrest issued by the Immigration Commissioner only for purposes of investigation is null and void for being unconstitutional [Cf: Rossi et al. vs. Board of Commissioners (G.R. No.27853, 28 May 1992), Qua Chee Gan vs. Deportation Board (9 SCRA 27) Ng Hua To vs. Galang (10 SCRA 411), Board of Commissioners vs. De la Rosa (197 SCRA 853)].

The BID detention centers are intended primarily for foreigners with final orders of deportation after being convicted as undesirable aliens. However, the Commissioner of Philippine Immigration based only on an accusation of a private person detains many of these foreigners here on the mere issuance of a "mission order". Some of them have been confined there so long, without any hearing, so that they already want to be deported at their own expense to their home countries. However, the BID refuses to deport them and continues to detain them. This is unconstitutional.

Barry Le Roy Doolittle states: "I have six children, three of which are Philippine citizens, and five grandchildren. I want to be part of their lives. I have a God given mission to help the Philippine people to become financially independent. I have been blessed with talents in creating and instructing in computer training with a strong desire to pass that skill to others. I cannot do these things while I am detained in the Detention Center."

Barry Le Roy Doolittle also states: "Because of stress, inactivity, detention, and old age I fear my failing health will take my life early. I pray that you and people you know will take action to cause my release from the Bureau of Immigration Detention Center and put a stop to this lawlessness."

Friends of Sir Barry Le Roy Doolittle,
Immigrant Permanent Resident of the Philippines

  • Many times over, governments forfeited the trust of the governed when the truth about their governance got buried beneath a mosaic of lies.
  • We need a well-informed citizenry able to understand, discuss, and vote on vital issues propelling the nation toward lasting peace and development.
  • We need to provide people with adequate information to help them to make better decisions and identify opportunities that could improve their quality of life.

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Linked file 9   Certification NBI yielded negative result for Barry Doolittle   - April 23, 2008     LINK

Refer to paragraph 3, section 1, of Article III (Bill of Rights of our Philippine Constitution).

Refer to the following Supreme Court of the Philippines rulings:
Salazar v. Achacoso (GR No. 81510, March 14, 1990).
Santo v. Commissioner of Immigration (74 SCRA 96).

Gatchalian v. Hon. De la Rosa (GR Nos 85122-23, 95612-13, May 31, 1991.
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Neria v. Vivo (29 SCRA 701, 1969).

Catherine Sly vs. Hon. Andrea D. Domingo (GR No 97152). Antonio Sly vs. Hon. Andrea D. Domingo (GR No 97159)
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