Barry Le Roy Doolittle Barry Doolittle Computer Based Training Programer

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Barry Le Roy Doolittle
PO Box 6, Masbate City,
Bicol, Philippines.


Cell / Text Phone: +(63) 920 228 3746
International callers use country code 63
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Barry Doolittle Computer Based Training Programer

Education is the KEY

Retired Senior Human Performance Technology Specialist


Barry provides service to the people of the Philippines through educational efforts as a:
  • HTML Internet Advertisement Instructor
  • and a born again Christian.
Previously he provided service as:
  • Computer Based Educational (CBE) developer,
  • Computer Based Training (CBT) skills and theory instructor,
  • Web Based Training (WBT) developer,
  • Computer Communication Specialist (CCS),
Computer Based Training (CBT) / Web Based Training (WBT)

Perfect Positions
Barry provides development organizations or educational institutions direction as a consulting Instructor.
We now see the same explosion of computer use in education that hardware platforms enjoyed in the early 80's.
Ideal Organizations
Barry provides educational institutions with needed design and development training skills. Barry enjoys cross culture experiences. Entrepreneurial, established, public, private, pre-IPO, or Christian Churches can all receive the needed resources to build Web Based Training (WBT) and empowerment systems to help the coming generations.



Retired to Individual Philanthropy

3/2004 - DATE

Free Internet Advertisement Training &
related Christian Empowerment activities.


Internet Web Page Design Instructor

3/2002 - 3/2004

Barya Lang - Web Page Design & Internet Training


Project Lead

1/2001 - 2/2002

United Defense LP

Mpls, MN


Senior Human Performance Technology Specialist, Project Leader, Logistics, Mk 45 Mod 4 Differences,
United Defense LP, Armament Systems Division, Fridley, MN 55421-1498

Senior Human Performance Technology Specialist

1/1995 - 1/2001

Classroom Instructor and Government Contracts

Ph, VA, MD, DC, SD


Various instructor positions as I contracted through various companies specializing in development of human interfaces for educational systems and training of computer students. Designing and developing major startup projects and training my client company's staff to develop educational materials. Northrop Grumman Corporation In 1997, Northrop Grumman acquired Logicon, and established it as a wholly owned subsidiary. The acquisition was part of Northrop Grumman's long-term plan to focus on the technologies likely to yield the greatest improvements in US national security capabilities. This strategy led Northrop Grumman to acquisitions in advanced sensors and electronics and information technology, while enhancing its existing capabilities in manned and unmanned aerial systems. Anteon_International_Corporation (Now a General Dynamics Company) , KenRob and Associates Incorporated, RCN / StarPower, Huron University, - Huron, South Dakota, USA computer students. AMA Learning Center - Marikina City, Philippines - ESL students in computer dBase.


Senior Human Performance Technology Specialist, CBT

12/1994 - 1/2001

Educational Programmer (CBT/CBI/WBI)


Inet Technologies (now with Tektronix Communications), Federal Data Corporation merged its existing information systems Business with Logicon in 1998, retaining the Logicon name. This created an enterprise with nearly $1 billion in sales and more than 10,000 employees. Since that time, Northrop Grumman Corporation. Northrop Grumman has acquired the following companies and successfully integrated them into Logicon: Inter-National Research Institute (INRI) (1998), DPC Technologies (1999), Comptek Federal Systems (2000), Federal Data Corporation (2000), Sterling Software's Federal Systems Group (2000), Litton TASC (2001) and Litton PRC (2001). As part of a global branding initiative in 2001, Northrop Grumman renamed the Logicon sector, Northrop Grumman Information Technology. Syscon Corporation, Division of Logicon. In 1995, Logicon purchased Syscon Corporation, a company nearly a third the size of Logicon. Syscon specialized in support to the Navy, most notably on the AEGIS program and the Naval Sea Systems Command. Built CBT for the AEGIS computer training programs at the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), Dahlgren, Virgina, USA. Division.    Syscon also successfully expanded Logicon's role into providing IT support services to federal government agencies such as the Department of Justice, the National Archives and Records ministration and the US Patent and Trademark Office.


University Instructor

12/1991 - 12/1994

Capitol University Center

Pierre, SD, USA


University Instructor. Capitol University Center, Pierre, SD. Instructor for introductory computer classes, advanced database administration classes, spreadsheet usage classes, and basic level word processing classes. Designed and developed Windows PC based CBT courseware used in university classes. Identified areas of classroom instruction that could be better presented through CBT. Developed lessons using the Unison Authoring System and integrated them into the course of instruction. Designed a computer testing system to use for student placement, evaluation and certification.


Senior Programmer Analyst

9/1991 - 12/1994

State of South Dakota, Bureau of Personnel (BOP)

Pierre, SD, USA


Senior Programmer Analyst for the State of South Bureau of Personnel (BOP) (now the Bureau of Human Resources BHR) , Pierre, SD. Designed, developed, implemented and maintained the Intelligent Scanner System (ISCAN). This system was designed to scan paper input, and store it as data files to be used on DOS based, IBM mainframe based, UNIX distributed databases, and South Dakota State Personnel Office desktop and laptop computers running Windows. Designed, developed, implemented and maintained the Computer-Based Instruction and Help (CBI/H) systems which delivered courseware to state employees throughout South Dakota. Developed real time electronic connections between South Dakota, Florida, Minnesota and Texas, which were used to keep databases for all state employee records.


Information Resources Manager / Computer Specialist

7/1990 - 8/1991



Information Resources Manager / Computer Specialist. USDA FmHA. Modernized computer operations and developed CBT materials to train FmHA state office employees and county office employees. Conducted specialized classes and seminars. Designed and implemented a computer system state wide.


Senior Programmer

3/1986 - 3/1990

SimuFlite International Division, CAE-Link, Singer Corporation



Senior Programmer. Computer Based Education Design and Development, Singer, CAE-Link, SimuFlite International Division Corporation; Dallas/FW, TX. Designed, developed, and maintained the SimuEdit authoring system used to deliver the CBT portion of business jet and military transport crew training for civilian and Air Force flight crews throughout the world. Supported and maintained the CBT and simulator used to train USA Air Force flight crew at Clark Air Base, Angeles City, Philippines. Designed, developed and implemented interactive video, digital audio, Multi screen real-time simulations that ran on WICAT hardware using the WISE authoring system. Maintained logistics and communication software developed in Informix. Established International communications network transmitting data between the Republic of the Philippines and USA mainland Air Force Bases.

Human Performance Technology Specialist (HPT)

Human Performance Technology Specialist. Designing and developing educational materials for the Aviation Industry (ToolBook II version 7.1). Currently using Front End Analysis (Harless), Instructional Objectives Development (Mager), and student feedback design (Tosti). US Army Helicopter Training. Bell Helicopter

Programmer, Educational Systems

7/1978 - 12/1986

Control Data Corporation, Educational Company



Programmer, Educational Systems. Control Data Corporation, Education Company; Mpls. MN. Developed, programmed, maintained and provided consultant services to international organizations utilizing the PLATO Computer Based Educational System. The system, based on the research from the University of Illinois, became the grandfather of CBT/CBI today. The PLATO System involved an investment of over 1 billion-dollars by CDC as of 1986. Concepts eveloped and implemented within PLATO have become the basis for other CBT authoring systems throughout the world. Developed software using touch screen input, computer managed instruction (CMI), self-paced instruction, basic skills development, and computer generated educational prescriptions. Control Data Corporation - the current Ceridian web site PLATO - the current PLATO web site - CYBER1 - - PLATO resurrected (the source of many of these links) David Wooley - PLATO: The Emergence of Online Community University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Computer-based Education Research Laboratory PLATO reports, PLATO documents, and CERL progress reports, 1958-1993. More History - The Control Data Corporation The Friendly Orange Glow - Brian Dear - keeping the PLATO community going for many years - log in to a real cyber Steve Kraus' pictures - cool old pics of the heart of CERL spasim challenge - Who made the first multiplayer 3-D virtual reality game? - David Woolley's very informative article on PLATO, a must-read University of Hawaii - see how PLATO fit into the history of a university computer room CDC 6600 Supercomputer - retro photo Vintage Atari-PLATO marketing Gary Brown's pictures are just great
IRC History Control Data Corporation (CDC) Timeline NovaNET - is a comprehensive, online courseware system that meets countless needs. From delivering thousands of hours of research and standards-based, interactive curriculum, to integrated assessment and student management, NovaNET is an all-inclusive system that delivers a return on investment quickly. Pearson Education - is the world's leading education company. They publish textbooks, multimedia programmes and online services; they develop, process, analyse and report tests and they produce software that powers the management of schools. They are engaged in these activities for every age and level of student - from pre-school through kindergarten, primary and secondary school, college and university and on into professional life.


Master of Education M.Ed.


Marikina Institute of Science and Technology
Marikina City
    Marikina City, Philippines, (MA in Education).
This course of study is not completed.

Bachelor of Arts B.A

Computer Based Education and Communication

1/1995  (B.A.)

Metropolitan State University

US-MN-St. Paul


University of Minnesota




Northern State University



Skill Name

Skill Level

Last Used





Currently Used

15+ years

ToolBook II 7.1



4 years

Database Managers:
Oracle, Informix, dBase III+,


Currently used

20+ years

Storyboard Development


Currently used

25+ years

Story Board System Development


Currently used

20+ years




2 years

CBT Development


Currently used

36+ years

CBT Delivery


Currently used

28+ years



Currently used

15+ years



Currently used

19+ years




5 years




3 years




12 years




3 years

Quest Net



1 years

ADDITIONAL Skills obtained through formal training:


Educational Psychology
Practicum General Methods of Education
Special Methods of Teaching Secondary Education
Special Methods of Teaching Social Science
Special Methods of Teaching Art Education
Seminar in Art Education
Student Designed Higher Education Planning
Social and Cultural Foundations of Education
Psychological and Philosophical Foundations of Education
Organization and Management in Education


Educational Curriculum Development (CBT)
Development of Computer Mananaged Instruction
Computer Assisted (Aided) Instruction (CAI) Design and Development
Education Curriculum Design
Education Curriculum Development Fundamentals
Education Curriculum Devevelopment - Computer Based Education (CBE)
Design and Development Interface of an Education Curriculum
Management of Computer Managed Instruction (CMI).


Computer and Information Processing
Principals and Theory of Computer Programming
Oracle Programming and Database Management
Structure Query Language (SQL)
DOS Memory Management
Unix System Programming and Administration
Informix 4GL Programming Unix for the 3B2 Mini Computer
Born/Korn Shell Script Programming on Unix
Assembly Language Programming Motorola 6000 series
Principals of Programming, Pascal Programming Language
Principals of Programming 'C' Programming Language


Programming in the Plato Author Language (PAL)
Introduction to the WISE Authoring Language
Introduction to the Unison Authoring Language
IconAuthor Advanced Authoring Language


Introduction of Psychology and Personal Adjustment
Sensation and Perception of Human Information Gathering
Voice Mail and Office Communication
Principals of Commercial Photography
Literature as Translated in Film for Education
Basic Journalism


Business Law 1 & 2
Management By Objectives (MBO)
Principles of Personnel and Industrial Psychology
Counseling and Interviewing Principles and Skills
Creative Problem Solving
Principles of Human Resource Development (HRD)
Life Design Directors Clinic

Operating Systems

UNIX, MSDOS, NOS, VAX, AIX, CP/M, SCO, Windows 3.0 through XT

Computer Languages

HTML, Unison, SQL, C, Oracle, Informix, Pascal, Tutor, USE, WISE, PAL, OpenScript


Lotus 123, Excel, VP Planner

Desktop Publishing

NCS OCR scanner tools, Scantron forms, GUIs, Harvard graphics

Word Processors

Word Perfect, Word Star, MS Word, DisplayWrite, Office 97 through 2000

Authoring systems

W/W Groups, IconAuthor, Unison, Wycat, PLATO, ToolBook II, Authorware, Quest.


Novell, PC LAN, Ethernet, Microsoft LAN Manager, Internet, IBM token-ring, ATT StarLan, modem communications and UNIX uucp

General Areas

Internet Web Page Design and Developmet,Marketing of Internet Services, Sales Training of Internet Web Services, Customer Service, Customer Support, Sales, Technical Presentations, Troubleshooting, Product training, Implementation, and remote administration of software systems. Experienced educator in many areas of skill and concept development.


Owner and Operator    www. International Barya Lang - Web Page Design  - International

Information Resource Manager

USDA FmHA, USA Department of Agriculture

Owner and Operator

One California

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

SofTouch Software Corporation

Property Manager and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

StarPoint Corporation

Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Ecology Up Corporation

Regional Manager National Farmers Organization

Owner and Operator

MiniNews Corporation

District Manager FEEC Field Enterprises Educational Corporation

Partner and Business Manager

Mini Morning News Corporation

College Unit Director Northwestern Mutual Life, Incorporated
Area Sales Manager West Bend Corporation
Photographer Northern State University Special Services
Sales Person Artz Camera
Delivery/Pickup Driver Huron Dry Cleaners
Manager/Caretaker Wiese's Apartments