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The Masbate Website is dedicated to providing a clean safe place to store Internet web pages and Internet web sites. The web pages are programmed in HTML that download to any computer quickly and clean requiring very low bandwidth. There are no advertisements to promote porn, gambling, scams, or any other anti social activity on the Masbate Website (masbateweb.com).

The Masbate Website is sponsored by International web designers and developers that believe in programming top quality, low cost, effective methods of presenting your product or service to the public in a professional manner. Many sponsors are based in the Philippines but do International work for business around the world.

New web sites are encouraged to advertise here. Please send email to masbate@barya.org for information about advertising or to have someone design and develop your website or web page. A Philippine based Internet programmer, design and development business can develop a program for promotion of an International business web site or a Philippine business web page at a very low cost.
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