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Barry Internet
Post Office Box 6
Masbate City 5400, Bicol, Philippines

Text Only:  (+63) 928 473 7769


Internet Website address:
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The easiest way for us to receive information is by email. This allows us to process your request or suggestion in a way that we can prepare the correct reply before communicating. But we know that it may not be your easiest method. Our email addresses is shown above and on most of the web pages we create. Feel free to use our email address..
text phone graphic The second (quick method) to contact us is by TEXT (cell phone texting). The person that monitors the "text" number is Barry Doolittle, the founder of our school, an instructor, and consultant here. He is an older retired USA gentleman and is sometimes slow at replying but he does not let a text message go unattended. Use that cell phone text number when you need. The number is also shown on other web sites we advertise on.
Our TEXT number is: (+63) 928 473 7831.
phone graphic If a student or support person answers be sure you tell them who you are, who you want to speak to, or what you are calling about. Tagalog is welcome but English is better. Be sure to leave a message if the person you need to speak to is not available. This is our least liked method because it does not give us time to process your request and does not leave a computer tracked identity for the call/communication. It does work if you be sure and let the phone ring at least 10 times before giving up. We DON'T run to the phone just because it rings so be patient. We value our training, client work, and other responsibilities more than a ringing phone.
letters graphic If you have paper items that have little value to a mail thief you can send them through the regular mail system. Do NOT send any valuables like money. Those of us that live in the Philippines are patiently waiting for the Philippine postal system to get it's problems of mail theft solved. If you mail your item(s) at the Masbate City, Philippines Post Office it has a very good chance of reaching us. Our post office box is only 1 meter away from the postal clerk's window and they seem to be pretty good at being honest about our mail.
Our mailing address is: PO Box 6, Masbate City 5400, Philippines.
No Walkin graphic In the Philippines it is tradition for people to just walk into a business unannounced and expect service. Most major business have to hire guards at locked doors and provide large numbers of chairs in a large room for people to wait for (some time hours) their turn to be serviced. WE DON'T DO THAT! We are in the modern communication business using the Internet. We are doing important work and have offices, dealers, and students working from their home in many places. We want to have our students be undisturbed and well trained. We want to give our clients professional International class service with a product that the cost is so low that it's almost FREE. We can not do these things with unannounced walk in traffic. If you have a need to visit us at one of our physical locations we will evaluate your need and make the appropriate appointments to service you. Our locations are not a "secret" but we do not advertise them to the general public. We are well documented, registered, certified and seriously in business to serve the Philippine society. Make arrangements BEFORE you visit us because we are NOT a tourist attraction.
No Fax graphic FAX Service is not available. Experience has shown that modern serious businesses can communicate with us without duplicating the paper waste at our expense. We can arrange methods for you to scan and email your documents. Scanner graphic
No Street Sign graphic We do not have street signs marking our physical locations. Most folks in the neighborhoods that our people work know who we are and what we do. We are not an organization that uses the traditional street sign as advertising. If you need to visit one of our locations please make an appointment and we will give you easy to find land marks and a physical address.
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