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Web-Designers Masbate

Barry Internet specializes in providing low-cost, high-value Internet web pages and groups of web pages known as websites. The web pages we create will load fast, be easy for search engines to index, and will sell your product or service well. Barry Internet doesn't ONLY try to make artwork for you we make profit for you.

Barry Internet can be contacted on the Internet through Email:

Barry Internet's primary business is that of Education and not of our own huge profit creation. We don't believe that we should get all of our operating expenses from just one or two accounts. With so many businesses needing our service we can multiply the small amount of pesos or dollars by millions of clients and succeed while the clients only pay barya (coins). Barry Internet helps promote and train businesses and individuals how to design, develop, and create web pages that will download to your PC fast even over slow connections. The purpose of this training is to allow Philippine individuals the educational means to start and continue their own business of web page design and development.

Barry Internet's standards require that the pages are easy to update, clean of errors so that major search engines will index them, and that they will run in major browsers without requiring any special browser "plug-ins"

Barry Internet will not cater to or knowingly provide our service to any individual or organization that produces or displays adult only rated material (porn), methods of encouraging participation in systems or games of chance (gambling) or any type of activity that would cause one individual or organization to cause harm to others (scam's).

There are more than 94 million recorded individuals living in the Philippines. Philippines has an estimated 9 million businesses, large, small, some licensed, and many unrecorded. There is no possible way that the current or foreseeable web site designers and developers can provide the number of web sites needed to advertise and promote the businesses in existence today. Philippine population and business is expanding at a rate never seen before. This adds additional wants and desires for memorial and celebration web sites. To those large numbers add the desire for businesses in the USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, Sweden, Europe and other developed countries for low cost, wholesale, custom web page design and you can see there is an unlimited market that will expand faster than we can fill the need.

Barry Internet does not view any business as competition in web site design because there is such an overwhelming amount of work to do and so few web site creators doing it. All interested people, students, designers, developers, tele-marketers, direct sales people, or anyone may contact Barry Internet and we will train and help them learn how to do what we need to do. The Barry Internet group will become true "World Class" web page and web site designers and developers with great prospects to become the "web page wholesaler" to the world.
Internet Digital Signage
Advertising, it began in early modern man's history, before paper was invented. Signs were developed to increase a merchant's profit. Wood carved Signage appeared outside of the general store, livery stable, and local establishment for entertainment. If you made shoes you had a carving of a shoe in front of your home or store. These first billboards were surely nothing like those we see today.

Hand written paper flyers were replaced with mass produced printing press handbills. Posted on public bulletin / message boards an advertisement could direct new customers to the store they were searching for or remind old customers of a special product or service.

Printers found that the printed words of news and opinion distributed though newspaper publications allowed readers to have time to closely examine an advertisement, clip it out, and carry it around until they were near the store that featured the product or service of their interest. The cost of printing and distribution was covered with good profit by business advertisements. Weekly and monthly magazine publications grew to include high quality color articles, and of course color advertisements.

Radio and its associated advertisements expanded a merchant's ability to go in-the-home rather than be banished to the traditional out-of-home advertising. Radio broadcasters soon found that their income from sponsors provided good profits and increased the sponsor's sales at the same time. Many major USA companies were built on their radio ads. Radio was broadcast to millions. Everyone accepted that most people were not listening to hear the advertising. Listeners rarely had time to write down advertiser information when an advertisement caught their interest. Still a good return on investment in Radio Advertisement proved successful for those large companies able to enter that market. Out-of-home advertising, with the radio playing in the automobile and portable battery powered units united with in-the-home advertisement.

Television, or TV as we all call it, put pictures for the viewer to enjoy along with the audio into home, office and across the world. Today's young people can not imagine a world without TV. In the 1950's it was hard to believe that anything could compare to the TV for advertisement.

The Internet,
started when major computer mainframe owners including Colleges, Universities, Government Agencies, Airplane Manufactures, and several more types of businesses made the choice to digitally share their information. When these separate networks began to connect the public jumped on the opportunity to read, learn, and understand things that were previously difficult to find.

Millions of people started searching for information on the digital Internet. Merchants of modern thinking, using the historical understanding of return-on-investment, saw the opportunity. It was as plain as handwriting on the wall, or in this case pixels on a screen, "tell the world about your business when we want to know about it!"

The Electronic Technology of Internet Advertising provided a digital media to distribute information to a potential customer exactly when and where the future customer wanted. Internet Digital Signage Advertising is sweeping the globe. Color, interactive web sites provided Internet Digital Signage for small, medium sized and large companies.

Point-of-purchase displays, billboards, window treatments, and banners are widely used for out-of-home advertising. Bulletin boards, flyers, faxes, memos, and email have been used to educate employees and send corporate communications for decades.

High-speed Internet allows modern Internet Digital Signage to be used by the smallest of businesses by building a model that maximizes the business initial return on investment with color rich-media signs to replace traditional print signs.

Internet Digital Signage Advantages now allows every merchant, doctor, lawyer, and even the carpenter or plumber to advertise at low cost high return rates.

Whether a business is looking for new ways to reach their customers, clients, or employees or a better and more efficient media to communicate one finds Internet based Digital Signage is the modern (and ultimate?) solution to reach the audiences with dynamic, interactive, up-to-date content, and messages. Internet Digital Signage can maximize a business message and maintain relationships with customers. With Internet Digital Signage, merchants can extend their messages to follow their audiences, employees, and those most valuable "prospective customers" where ever they go when ever they are available.

As our society and its technology continues to evolve, Internet Digital Signage becomes a new generation of digital media on an Internet network that delivers dynamic and relevant content to target audiences in a way that reaches beyond traditional media. Traditional media advertisement including print posters, billboards, and standalone video displays have all been created to deliver messages. Traditional advertising takes a long and costly cycle to produce, distribute and update. In today's global economy the static nature of those traditional displays greatly handicap a business that has the need to reach an audiences spread around a large geographical region. Modern business can even cross continents with timely, up-to-date, localized or global contents.

Consumer Buying in the Philippines is helped by the Barry Internet to providing a clean safe place to store Internet web pages and Internet web sites programmed in HTML that download to any computer quickly and clean. There are no advertisements to promote porn, gambling, scams, or any other anti social activity on the websites. Businesses in the Manila area are featured in the The Consumer Buying Page. You may see some samples on this website by clicking the Samples tab.
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The Consumer Buying pages are sponsored by International web designers and developers that believe in programming top quality, low cost, effective methods of presenting your product or service to the public in a professional manner. Many sponsors are based in the Philippines but do International work for business around the world.

New websites are encouraged to advertise here on the Internet. A Philippine based Internet programmer design and development business can develop a program for promotion of an International business web site or a Philippine business web page at a very low cost.
Philippine Institutions are sponsored by web designers and developers that believe in programming top quality, low cost, effective methods of presenting your organization to the world in a professional manner. By making your organization available throughout the Philippines and around the world you can make contacts and join many other organizations that seek membership, promote causes, and distribute information.

Philippine Institutions are dedicated to providing a clean safe place to store Internet websites programmed in HTML that download to any computer quickly and clean. There are no advertisements to promote porn, gambling, scams, or any other anti social activity on this web site.

Church, school, club, government and other institution & organization web sites are encouraged to promote themselves on the Internet.

The Philippines has many bright, talented, writers and composers that are not able to break through the closed door of getting their first publication. Many organizations will not review the words of an author, writer, or composer until that writer publishes somewhere else. An author, writer or composer without a portfolio of published articles or books will find the work we submit to an editor, of a magazine, newspaper or a book publisher returned "unopened"

A web site allows you to publish your creative words of text throughout the Philippines and around the Internet world at barya (very low) cost to you. By using the Internet and a website, you can make contacts and gain the important status of being a "published author, writer, or composer". Join many other happy, cheerful authors, writers and composers that submit text containing happy and cheerful words. Association in an organization that will publish the words from Pinoy, Philippine, Philipino authors in English will allow an editor from a book, magazine or newspaper to evaluate you as a writer from Manila, Cebu, Davao, Masbate or another area of the Philippines. Pinoy living and working outside of the Philippines are also encouraged to submit their text words to the Barry Internet.

Church, school, club, government and other institutions & organizations who seek authors, writers or composers of English, Tagalog, Philipino, or Taglish will be able to contact you through an Internet web site. English is the language your text needs to be in to submit to the Barry Internet Organization web site (this web site). A publisher from Manila, Cebu, Davao, or Luzon area will understand you are a candidate for writing in Tagalog, Philipino, and Taglish as well. International magazine, news services, or book production organizations will need to read your words in English.

The world knows that the Philippine people are happy, cheerful Pinoy by their natural history of friendly association and organization. Our goal is to publish text that shows this happy cheerful side of the Pinoy person. The Barry Internet Organization wants to make this Internet site a place for English reading people to come to for happy inspiration for their lives.
The Barry Internet Organization is sponsored by web designers and developers that believe in programming top quality, low cost, and effective methods of presenting your words to the world in a professional manner.
A Philippine author, writer or composer can develop a career to publish in newspapers and magazine throughout the world. You might even publish a book through organizations that see your words here.

You will not risk loosing your copyright by including a copyright notice at the bottom of what you submit. We receive from you full license to publish and use your words but we will not own your copyright. Each of our web sites has a copyright notice to make the public aware that they may not copy the web site without our approval. You, as the original author, writer, or composer, will keep the copyright you have for the words you submit.

Our offices are located in the Philippines and paper based mail SHOULD NOT be sent to our physical address. See the "Contact" page on this website for information on how to contact us.
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